Custom Metal Fabrication from Farris Fab

Custom Metal Fabrication from Farris Fab
Projects for custom metal fabrication are common for any business that deals with loose parts, structural projects, and metal equipment. Farris Fab has the tools to complete any custom metal fabrication project, no matter the scale! The expertise of any fabrication company is governed by their acquisition of raw materials, cutting/forming equipment, and assembly techniques. Farris Fab will not rest until you are satisfied with your parts!

The raw materials are what to start within custom metal fabrication. Some forms of material include plate metal, expanded metal, and welding wire/rods. Once the material is collected it has to be cut down to size. Farris Fab utilizes their laser cutting equipment to cut faster and more accurately while also being able to cut thicker materials. Even more exotic materials can be cut using their water jet cutting process, which involves highly pressurized water currents capable of slicing a variety of materials.

In custom metal fabrication, once the material is cut it can undergo forming or machining. Forming is the process that converts flat sheets into a 3 dimensional part. This process involves the metal being bent and formed without the removal of any material. It requires a great amount of force to form metal like this. Formed parts are used in a variety of industries, including jewelry, automotive, construction, aerospace, and much more.

Machining is different from forming in that it does involve the removal of material. Custom metal fabrication requires a variety of processes to get the right final product, and sometimes removal is the only way to achieve such a result. Often machining has been called subtractive manufacturing. Subtractive manufacturing is a common process in the world of custom metal fabrication. It is when raw material is cut and parts of the material are removed to create the desired shape. The most common components made by machining include gears, bolts, screws, and nuts, but there is no limit to the designs created by machining.

One of the main focuses of steel fabrication is welding. The custom fabricated parts are assembled and welded into place to create the desired product. Once the parts are in place it is re-checked for the accuracy of the welding. Farris has over 50 welders hired and trained within the company. There is even robotic welding equipment for large-scale projects.

Once a product has been assembled, the custom metal fabrication is complete. This is assuming there are no extra processes like sandblasting or painting are specified. Once the product has been inspected, the parts are shipped out. Farris Fab are experts in each part of the process and will work with you to ensure your custom metal fabrication is completed to your specifications!