The Hidden Costs of Inventory: How Kitting Reduces Inventory Costs

Jeff Hardee | October 16, 2023
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Financial optimization encourages businesses to be as efficient and profitable as possible. This is because the cost of inventory, like storing items and other expenditures, might cost more than the initial purchase price. They extend to storage expenses, carrying expenses, shrinkage, obsolescence, and the fee of tying up capital in excess stock.

Understanding every component of inventory expenditures empowers business owners to adopt management techniques such as kitting. It is a strategic practice that bundles together related items or products as a single unit, known as a kit. This allows businesses to pre-assemble goods in a way that aligns with customer demand or specific production requirements.

This article will explore how this approach can reduce the cost of inventory, revolutionize business operations, and ultimately boost profitability.

Roles of Kitting in Inventory Management

Kitting is pivotal in enhancing inventory accuracy by improving data precision and reliability. Through this technique, businesses achieve greater control and visibility over their inventory, reducing discrepancies and improving tracking accuracy. Below are some of the most significant roles of kitting in lowering the cost of inventory:

Streamlining Inventory Processes

Businesses can consolidate their stock and eliminate the need to individually manage multiple stock keeping units (SKUs) by bundling related items into kits. This process simplifies inventory control, allowing for a more streamlined system. In addition, kitting decreases carrying costs associated with excess stock and inventory imbalances.

Optimizing Space Utilization

When individual items are stored separately, they occupy more space due to packaging and the need for single-shelving or bins. Kitting reduces the physical footprint required for storage. By bundling items together, businesses can stack kits more efficiently, utilize vertical space, and minimize wasted areas within the warehouse. This eliminates extra costs for renting larger rooms or more shelves.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Kitting enhances operational efficiency through optimized order fulfillment processes. With kits readily available, the picking and packaging stages become faster and more efficient. This results in quicker order processing times, enabling businesses to meet customer expectations and reduce lead times. It also lessens the risk of errors or omissions during order fulfillment.

Enhancing Inventory Accuracy

Accurate inventory tracking is crucial in avoiding the pitfalls of overstocking and stockouts. Overstocking ties up valuable financial resources in excess inventory, leading to increased storage expenses, insurance, and the risk of obsolescence. By precisely tracking inventory levels through kitting, companies can better manage their stocks and avoid holding excessive products.

Meanwhile, stockouts occur when demand exceeds available inventory. This can lead to missed sales opportunities and potential customer dissatisfaction. The ability to fulfill orders consistently through kitting helps avoid this issue, reducing the costs for lost sales and negative client experiences.

Promoting Cross-Selling and Upselling

Companies can strategically combine items that complement or are commonly purchased together. This promotional strategy encourages customers to explore and buy additional products they may not have considered otherwise. As a result, the average order value increases, leading to higher revenue generation.

Promoting cross-selling and upselling in inventory management helps prevent slow-moving stocks. Products with lower individual sales volumes or limited demand can be bundled with more popular items, ensuring their inclusion in orders. This approach helps avoid the accumulation of stagnant or obsolete supplies that could result in losses.

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