Types of POP Displays

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are an effective way for businesses to market their products by placing eye-catching, in-store displays near the merchandise they are trying to sell. POP retail displays are often located near the checkout lane where customers make purchasing decisions, but they can also be found throughout the store. This method of advertising strategically draws a customer’s attention to specific products. POP displays come in a variety of designs and can be manufactured in both print and digital formats.


Things to Consider When Choosing a POP Display

When choosing an effective POP display for your product, it’s important to consider several factors. Your design should effectively advertise the product while remaining true to your sales and marketing goals. Below are some factors that can help you customize your POP display to more effectively market your product:

  • Intent: What do you want your POP display to communicate to the customer? You may want to promote a deal or advertise special features. Clearly state your intent to the consumer in your design.
  • Basic display types: POP displays can be broken down into three categories: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent displays. Each type of POP display is made of unique materials that offer different advantages for creating engaging product marketing.
  • Your intended audience: Consider your ideal customer and design your display with them in mind. Your target audience can determine where in the store your display is located and even the height at which it is displayed.
  • The store’s decor: Consider the store’s interior layout and design and choose a POP display that complements the store’s decor and setting, but still draws attention.
  • The location of your POP display: Are you placing a floor POP display somewhere in the store, or would your display be more effective as a counter display located near the checkout lane? These questions will help you choose the best design to successfully market your product.

Types & Examples of POP Displays

As mentioned above, POP displays can be separated into three categories: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. Temporary POP displays are often made to promote a new product or seasonal item for a short time, and they are made of less durable materials like corrugated cardboard, making them the cheapest display option. Semi-permanent POP displays are designed with more durability and can withstand frequent handling. They are constructed of materials like acrylic, glass, or co-polyester, and they typically last up to a year. Permanent POP displays are designed to last for up to three years, and they often look like a kiosk located inside a store. Constructed of materials like wood, glass, metal, or plastic, permanent displays are the most costly option.

Several types of POP displays can effectively showcase and encourage customers to purchase your product. They include:

  • Floor stands
  • Counter displays
  • Dump bins
  • Shelf talkers
  • Banner stands
  • Display cases
  • Interactive displays
  • End caps

Before committing to a POP display design, make sure it adequately markets your product to optimize sales.


Benefits of POP Displays for Your Business

POP displays offer a variety of benefits for your business. A successfully designed display will catch the customer’s eye, encouraging them to give your product a second glance. POP displays can help educate consumers about your product by providing additional information or FAQs not found on the product’s packaging. They are a great way to draw attention to your brand by displaying your product in a way that is appealing and unique. POP displays encourage impulse buyers to purchase products that they may not have considered without the help of effective advertising. Most types of POP displays are inexpensive to manufacture, boosting your ROI.


Choose POP Displays at Farris Group

Farris Group is the industry leader in durable, engaging POP displays that showcase your brand. We offer a variety of POP displays including permanent and semi-permanent in-store fixtures, as well as end cap displays, inline displays, and branded environments. Our expert engineers at Farris Group will provide you with individualized service to create the perfect display to effectively market your product. 

If you are interested in partnering with our company to create an effective marketing tool for your product, contact us today or request a quote.