Forming Metal into Complex Shapes is One of Farris’ Core Services

A key part of the fabrication process is bending steel materials into shapes required for your manufacturing process. At Farris, we’re equipped with modern machinery for carrying out your bending and forming needs. For bending sheet metal into precise angles, we employ the latest press brakes capable of forming quickly. Our roll forming equipment is ideal for longer sheets of metal.

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Metal Forming/Metal Bending Capabilities

Farris metal forming capabilities extended across a range of applications. Our press brake machinery is able to bend a variety of materials and sizes accurately to meet customer specifications. We employ tube bending machinery capable of bending pipes up to 2 inches in diameter, and plate rollers that bend steel of varying thickness.

Metal Forming/Metal Bending Equipment

Farris utilizes 15 electric and hydraulic press brakes to produce precisely formed workpieces. Our machinery utilizes the latest technology, allowing us to increase our productivity and deliver to the customer faster. Precision is at the root of all our metal forming operations. We’re constantly making sure that our machinery performs with minimal deviations from spec.

CNC Press Brakes

  • One (1) Trumpf press brake with 350-ton, 14′ bed
  • Two (2) Prima press brakes with 115-ton, 10′ bed
  • One (1) Accurpress press brakes with 130-ton, 10′ bed
  • One (1) Toyokoki press brake with 60-ton, 6′ bed
  • Two (2) Toyokoki press brakes with 85-ton, 6′ bed
  • Two (2) Safan press brakes with 100-ton, 10′ bed

CNC Folding Machine

  • One (1) Schroder Folding Machine 120″ long 11g

CNC Turret Punches

  • One (1) Muratec turret punch with 60″ x 120″ punching bed
  • One (1) Amada turret punch with 50″ x 100″ punching bed

Machining from Professionally Trained Specialists

Our state-of-the-art metal forming machinery doesn’t work without our team of professionally trained operators. The quality and precision we promise our customers is made possible by fabricators with an attention to detail and defects. Manufacturers know that when they work with Farris, their work is getting done by people with expertise.