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Industrial environments and applications require the proper selection of industrial paints and coatings, especially when completing a painting or re-painting project. This will help achieve the finest surface quality, reliability, and longevity over time.

Compared to conventional painting, industrial paints and coatings have two primary aims: protecting materials from the physical, chemical, and environmental factors they may be subjected to and improving the part’s visual look for additional value.

At Farris Paint, we provide industrial painting services that guarantee components’ aesthetically pleasing and functional finishes. Our paints and coatings are offered in various colors and can improve specific physical attributes based on the selection.

Wet Coat Painting

The wet painting method requires the typical spray application of liquid paint onto metal surfaces. It utilizes a spray pump or pressurized vessel to coat metal surfaces uniformly and attractively with paint, leaving a glossy finish. In addition, the paint may contain other chemicals and resins that enhance the coating’s durability.

Compared to other techniques, wet coat painting offers the following advantages:

  • Produces a vast array of hues and textures for high-quality customized finishes
  • Provides a thinner finish
  • Offers an economical finishing procedure
  • Ideal for objects that cannot sustain powder coating temperatures
  • Does not require sandblasting
  • Does not require an oven to finish

Farris Paint provides professional wet coat painting services for any metal product. By partnering with us, our customers will benefit from our unmatched professionalism, dependability, skill, and understanding required to complete the task successfully.

Industrial Powder Coating

Industrial powder coating forms an electrostatic protective covering on the exterior of a metal product or component. This protective layer offers a consistent and drip-free finish that defends against external and internal factors, such as impact, corrosion, heat, abrasion, weather, and other elements. The powder also contains specific types of polyurethane, acrylic, polyester, and polyester-epoxy resins.

Powder coating begins with finely ground pigment powder adhering to electrically charged metal products, ensuring uniform and constant coverage. Then, the powder is cured to 450 ℉ to create a solid, protective layer.

Here are several advantages of industrial powder coating:

  • Provides exceptional resistance to wear and tear
  • Requires easy cleanup and minimal maintenance over time
  • Requires lesser manual labor than other painting and coating methods
  • Offers an eco-friendly way of coating
  • Has powder bases that have extended shelf life

Farris Paint offers powder coating in a wide selection of colors, textures, and sheens for small and big production runs. In addition, we offer automated powder coating for metal objects up to 69 inches and batch powder coating for bigger, more intricate pieces.

Industrial Painting Services From Farris Paint

Farris Paint is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent and on-time completed products! We offer full-service wet paint and powder coating finishing in our facility. We also have paint professionals who will conduct quality tests on every batch that leaves our plant to ensure functionality and effectiveness.

Farris Paint can apply the most effective finish to practically any metal object. Visit our page to learn about our industrial painting and powder coating capabilities. You may also contact us for more information or request a consultation with our experts!