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Industrial Wet Painting Services – Charlotte, NC

At Farris Paint, we provide wet painting services, which is a more technical term for industrial painting services. The wet painting process uses a pump or sprayer to paint various metal surfaces and leave an even and aesthetically appealing finish. The paint may also include additional chemicals and resins that create a stronger coat.

If you require wet coat painting services for your metal products, Farris Paint can give you the results you want. By working with us, you’ll benefit from the unparalleled professionalism, reliability, expertise, and knowledge needed to get the job done right. With the help of professional wet painting services from a company you can trust, your metal products will look their best with a top-quality finish.


What Is Wet Coat Painting?

Industrial painting services entail a traditional process of spraying liquid paint on metal surfaces to produce a colorful finish. The process uses either a pressurized vessel or spray pump to evenly apply the paint to the surface. The preparation involved is somewhat similar to powder coating processes, as it involves spraying the paint using a wet blasting technique, which leaves a glossy and finish.


Wet Paint Coating vs. Professional Powder Coating

Powder coating is a type of finishing process that involves electrostatically applying dry powder to metal products, followed by completing the coat in a curing oven. The powder includes certain types of resins made from polyurethane, acrylic, polyester, or polyester-epoxy. Typically, preparation for this process entails sandblasting, which removes oil, rust, and debris that’s present.

There are two primary types of dry powder coating: thermosetting and thermoplastic. Thermosetting coatings contain additional resins and chemicals blended within the powder. This powder is electrostatically applied and then heated to create chemical bonds between the molecules, resulting in a tough coat. Thermoplastic coatings do not contain additional chemicals. With this type of coating, the powder is melted to a fluid state, allowing it the fuse to the metal.

Both wet coat painting and dry powder coating have their own unique benefits and disadvantages. While powder coating is potentially more durable, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting than wet coat painting, the latter creates a more visually appealing finish that makes it ideal if aesthetics are a critical requirement.


The Advantages of Wet Coat Paint

There are a few specific benefits of wet coat paint that make it the right choice for many applications. These benefits include:

  • Does not require an oven for finishing
  • Ideal for products that can’t withstand the heat from powder coating
  • Can produce a wide range of colors and textures for high-quality custom finishes
  • Capable of producing a thinner finish
  • Does not require sandblasting
  • Offers a cost-effective finishing process


How can you choose a wet painting company in Charlotte, NC?
When selecting an industrial painting services company, it’s important to find a company that can meet your application’s specific needs. A good company will be able to provide reliable services that yield great results with a high-quality finish. They should achieve this using the latest processes and equipment while working to remain within your available budget. A good company will also have years of experience in industrial painting.

Why should someone choose to work with this company?
At Farris, we can provide consistently reliable contract industrial painting services for nearly any application. We offer full-service wet paint and powder coating services in our fully equipped facility. We can finish almost any type of metal product of any size using efficient processes that produce top-quality, defect-free coats. We also have over 40 years of experience and ISO certification behind our services.