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Providing sanitization stations throughout your facility helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Custom hand sanitizer stands filled with sprays, wipes, and sanitizers offer a convenient way to follow proper sanitation measures, giving employees and customers peace of mind.

Farris Fabrication Custom Hand Sanitizing Stations

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Proper sanitation measures and procedures have become critical for virtually every business.

Farris understands this demand and fabricates sanitizer stands for a custom hand hygiene solution to ensure your facility meets all health and safety guidelines. Our steel stand works with different dispenser models across various brands, creating a worry-free solution. The stand is easy to move, allowing for placement in convenient locations or high traffic areas.

The versatile design of our stands will accommodate a broad range of dispenser types. We can also address any unique needs or space constraints by developing custom hand sanitizing stations.

Farris’s custom and standard hand sanitizer stands offer numerous benefits,such as:

  • The ability to freely move and reposition the stand based on need
  • Fabricated with corrosion-resistant, powder-coated steel that facilitates easy cleaning
  • Minimized surface contact when used in conjunction with no-touch dispensers
  • Compatible with a variety of sanitizing solutions such as, 30 oz containers of liquid soap, alcohol gel, liquid alcohol, hand sanitizers, or iodine

Applications for Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations

As health guidelines and protocols change, having hand hygiene solutions at your commercial facility is a convenient way to be prepared. Many commercial and industrial environments use hand sanitizer stations for easy accessibility to workers and customers, such as:

Farris Group hand sanitizer stands - 4M2A2816Retail

Portable sanitation stations provide an ideal solution for retail environments where high-traffic areas change based on demand. Shops and grocery stores use hand sanitizer stands to provide customers and employees with access to hand sanitizer solutions containing at least 60% alcohol and disinfectant wipes. A portable, no-touch design encourages increased hand hygiene to help prevent the spread of germs and diseases.


In facilities where many people must gather, experts recommend providing reliable access to proper hand sanitation tools. Schools use commercial hand sanitizer stations to give teachers, staff, and children a way to sanitize their hands safely and conveniently. When soap and water are not an option, hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol and disinfectant wipes provide an ideal method to help prevent the spread of germs.


Banks have keyboards and touchscreens used by customers throughout the day, making it important to allow easy access to disinfectant wipes and sanitizing solutions. Hand sanitizer floor stands allow placement of these items in high-traffic areas, such as around credit card terminals, near shared pens and styluses, and next to ATMs. Placing stands in these locations allows employees to wipe equipment down during and after use.


From airport terminals to actual aircraft, proper sanitation is essential for workers and customers. Portable hand sanitizer stands allow sanitizing stations to be moved around the airport as traffic patterns shift throughout the day or week. Having disinfectant wipes in a holder mounted to a stand ensures workers can easily wipe down armrests, screens, or handles that are touched often throughout the day.

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Over the past 40 years, Farris Group has grown into one of the leading fabrication and finishing facilities in the United States. With three locations and over 230 employees, Farris Group provides exceptional customer service, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and superior quality products. Our custom hand sanitizer stands will help your business meet the growing demand for safety and hygiene across industries.

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