Showcase Your Products with a Point of Purchase Display

Point of purchase (POP) displays draw a shopper’s attention to a particular item in the store. They are an effective marketing strategy for introducing new products, influencing buying decisions, and enhancing the customer experience.

At Farris Group, our in-house design and fabrication team creates customized POP displays that perfectly suit your brand and product. Our displays highlight your product’s best features and play a major role in your customers’ purchasing decisions. From design to delivery, you’ll receive unparalleled customer service and personalized attention. Learn more about our extensive capabilities and fabrication experience here.

Farris POP Displays is a division of Farris Group dedicated to precision POP displaysFarris Displays is a division of Farris Group dedicated to precision POP displays and custom retail fixtures.


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Farris Group’s expert engineers provide accurate quotes for any size project.

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    Farris Group’s expert engineers provide accurate quotes for any size project.

POP Displays from Start to Finish

We can provide help from the ground up. If you have a new or existing product that you want to attract attention to in retail, our engineers can help customize fixture design. Our team has the ability to then fabricate and finish each product. Farris Displays can even provide in-store installation logistics to ensure your products are installed correctly in each retail facility.

POP Display Types

Farris Displays can help you create eye-catching displays that are also built to last. We specialize in:

  • Permanent and semi-permanent in-store fixtures,
  • End cap displays,
  • Inline displays, and
  • Branded environments.

Our POP display solutions provide an opportunity for customers to interact with and learn about your brand and products.


Details and Execution are Critical to POP Display Success

We’ll partner with you to create an engaging retail solution that fits your needs and meets  your goals. A Farris Displays expert will ensure your ideas come to life — from design to installation. We have the fabrication experience and an extensive network of trusted vendors to make sure your POP display is built and installed according to your vision, budget, and timeline.

Farris’s POP Display Capabilities

With our design, fabrication, and finishing capabilities, Farris Group can help you create eye-catching custom POP displays that are built to last. The goal is to offer your customers an opportunity to interact with your brand and learn about your products. We specialize in the following:

  • Temporary POP displays: These are useful for testing new products, promoting seasonal items, displaying small items, and encouraging impulse purchases at the end of the aisle or checkout counter. Made of inexpensive materials like corrugated cardboard, temporary POP displays are eco-friendly options built to last a few months. 
  • Semi-permanent displays: Built to last up to a year, these displays can be made of many materials, such as cardboard, plastic, wood, or metal. You can customize their appearance to match your brand’s imagery and messaging. Semi-permanent displays provide a longer-term marketing solution without the significant upfront investment of permanent displays.
  • Permanent displays: These are ideal as a permanent shelving or display solution in well-established stores, designed to create an experience for your shoppers. They are constructed of more durable and expensive materials—like glass or acrylic—but the investment draws the most attention to your featured products for several years.  
  • End cap displays: These displays at the ends of aisles help you make better use of your retail space while drawing consumer attention to specific brands and products. 
  • Inline displays: Inline booths at trade show exhibits are a great way to display your products creatively in a limited space. They can utilize island displays, hooks, baskets, pegboards, dramatic lighting, and more to engage customers into trying your products. 
  • Branded environments: Branded environments create an immersive experience for customers by bringing your brand to life. These multifaceted spaces target specific audiences and are usually part of sports stadiums, museums, airports, hospitals, churches, restaurants, stores, and office buildings. 

How Point of Purchase Displays Work

POP displays have been used for years, first at the checkout counter and now nearly anywhere in the store. They have one main goal: draw a shopper’s attention to your brand or product. Many vendors provide their own cardboard POP displays for retailers to use at the counter or end of an aisle.

Strategically placed POP exhibits can feature simple tags and stickers or elaborate custom displays. Custom in-store display fixtures create a sense of urgency and importance around your product. Shoppers see the investment you’ve made in it, and thus the perceived value of your item increases.  

Why Choose Farris Group for POP Displays

Farris Group has more than 40 years of experience in fabrication and finishing, with services that include laser cutting, welding, precision metal forming, machining, prototyping, kitting and assembly, powder coating, and more. We create custom POP displays for clients in nearly every industry, and our highly skilled team can seamlessly take your project from design to installation. Our three locations in North Carolina employ more than 230 workers spread over 200,000 square feet of space, allowing us to complete projects of various scope for clients all over the country. 

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified fabrication shop, we’re committed to creating the high-quality products our clients expect and deserve. We’ve cultivated a culture of excellence among our team that includes a commitment to ongoing training and professional development. With competitive pricing, responsive customer service, and a collaborative approach, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner in creating custom POP displays.

Contact us to learn more about point of purchase counter displays, end cap displays, and other custom marketing solutions. If you’re ready to get started, request a consultation today. 

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